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Uganda tour companies come in all shapes and sizes and it can be exhausting trying to find the right one. Many offer similar tours and similar prices . In the end, it comes down to the service.We are the ideal tour company that will provide you with a full package of all kinds of Safaris ranging from off shelf to tailor made safaris. We also deal in specialized uganda tour packages like mountaineering, aquatic tours and other such tours. Come up with your own tour package and we shall provide you with the thrill you have always dreamt about.

We take tours all around Uganda and East Africa to countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Our available Safaris range from City excursions to multi days Safari tours within Uganda and a wide range of affordable rwanda safari ,Kenya tours and tanzania safaris,though we make the gorilla tour package our major focus. Our packages offer tours to all National Parks in Uganda for activities like Gorilla Tracking, Bird Watching, Wildlife safaris, water rafting and sport fishing safaris, cultural Safaris, Aquatic safaris to Uganda’s numerous islands and anything you may come up with.

Uganda being the pearl of Africa you will not be disappointed but over whelmed by the amazing and well kept treasures and beauty this green country is made of. In the Eastern region you will find the Bujagali falls, the source of the might River Nile, Sipi Falls, Mount Elgon not forgetting the rich Gishu culture. Go to the Western part of the same country and you will be carried away by the concentration of nature starting with the many rift valley features, Lakes and rivers, snow peaked Mount Rwenzori, diversity of wildlife among which you will see the famous Mountain Gorillas and Man’s Closest relative the Chimpanzees, in the central districts you will find the strong and rich Baganda culture, the Equator, the Ssese islands, the Capital and administrative city, city attractions and activities. In the north, one can engage in pro poor tourism, visit Kidepo National Park and check out the different vegetation of the semi arid desert and also learn the Kejongo’s interesting culture. However, this part of the country is not what we can call secure or safe to visit at the time.

You want to experience the unimaginable? Take your tour with African Secrets for an unforgettable experience.

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